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Update comments for the autostart.
author William Astle <>
date Sun, 28 Dec 2014 11:51:03 -0700
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@@ -4591,6 +4591,10 @@
 ; also to LOADER, it means that even if, for some reason, control doesn't transfer here, EXEC will still do so.
 LOADER		clr $FF40			; turn off drive motors
 		jmp START			; transfer control to the main stream code
+; This is the bit that intercepts RVEC12. It requires at least Extended Basic to work because it relies on multi-origin binaries.
+; That will always be the case for Disk Basic. Theoretically, with just this, a loader will work from tape in Extended Basic
+; or higher, too.
 		org $182			; address of RVEC12
 		jmp LOADER			; transfer control to our loader
+; In case RVEC12 doesn't trigger for some reason, this allows EXEC to also start the loader.
 		end LOADER